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State of Georgia Retaliates Against Its Own Citizens

May 11, 2009 Press Release
National Parents’ Rights Association

For Immediate Release:

MAY 11, 2009

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State of Georrgiia Retaliates Against Its Own Ciitizens

From Dr. Monty Weinstein, chairman of NPRA.

Cobb County, Georgia, May 11, 2009 – Cobb County and the State of Georgia is now entering a new level of The Government vs. Citizens by practicing similar strategies that were once used in the Cold War era by ardent Communists who interfered with the civil rights of countless individuals.

There has been a rabid attack on one of the state’s finest parents’ rights attorneys, David E. Oles of Alpharetta, who is a Harvard law school graduate and has won
numerous cases in Georgia.

The attack is centered around Mr. Oles’ brilliant challenging of the systemic problems associated with various court appointed professionals involved with private civil matters heard within the states’ system of Family courts.

There has also been recent attacks by various state actors against myself, Dr. Monty Weinstein, a national expert who was the fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association and the American Ortho Psychiatric Association, for the challenging of various court appointed evaluators who have systematically and methodically removed children from the loving care of their parents.

Furthermore, there has been behind the scene attacks against Karen Wagner of Wagner Consulting, another brilliant Harvard graduate, by trying to blackball her and other NPRA affiliates. Ms. Wagner is the co-founder of the National
Parents’ Rights Association.

Lastly, there has been an incessant series of ongoing personal and legal attacks against Cobb County resident Dean Gottschalk, an active volunteer with the county’s CERT program, a local arm of The Presidents’ Citizens Corps, by
trying to remove his beloved children because of his efforts to stand up against a flawed judicial system that continues to negatively impact not only the states’ most innocent victims, its’ children, but also its’ general population through
inflated county and state taxes which are used to finance the operations of the states’ courts.

The good news is that both myself and Dean Gottschalk (affectionately called “Mr. G” by his community’s children) have both filed pro se Federal lawsuits in the Northern District of Georgia.

Additionally, I have recently been meeting personally with Georgia Senator Seth Harp at his offices in Columbus to discuss the particulars of this case and other associated issues here in Georgia.

I am now practicing in Cumming, GA and will spend half my time in my new office there when not back up in New York.

We need support both financially and through volunteering so that we can continue the fight for our link to eternity – our children.

Please contact Karen Wagner to pledge both your financial assistance and your volunteering assistance for court watching under the NPRA banner.

NPRA: 678-480-1550

Press Contacts: 678-643-3786

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